David & Tonya Torres

"Tonya and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the hard work everyone put in to this venture. We can't possibly express the weight that has been lifted off our shoulders - now our family can look towards the future without looking back in dread. Remember that in all the chaos and stress you deal with on a daily basis, you all ultimately help change peoples lives for the better and provide them hope for a new beginning. Please feel free to contact us if you need a recommendation, we would be glad to offer a glowing one."

"Best wishes, good luck, and keep up the good fight,"

David and Tonya Torres

Jeff Burden

Abbie's passion for the industry is unmatched. She lives and breathes real estate and loves every minute of it, as shown in her high energy personality and consummate professionalism. She made buying a home an easy, relatively stress-free venture and still follows up with us today, more than two years later. She was such a pleasure to work with, and we will be using her expertise for years to come."
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

from LinkedIn - Jeff Burden March 2011

Alene Brodsky

“Abbie Shepherd is one of the hardest working, ethical, and highly professional realtors that I know. She has made it her business to stay a step beyond the competition in all aspects of listing and selling real estate. I would glady recommend Abbie to any buyer or seller. In short, Abbie is a pleasure to work with and a true asset to Kelle Williams Intown Atlanta!”

Alene Brodsky , Associate Broker , Keller Williams Realty
managed Abbie at Keller Williams Realty

Jeff Luther

“Abbie is very detail oriented and extremely organized. She keeps herself current on market trends and neighborhoods around the Atlanta area and never loses sight of her client's best interest. Abbie has been a pleasure to work with and given how we have seen the concern she has for her cleint's I am sure they would say the same.”

Jeff Luther , Owner , Home-Probe, Inc.
was with another company when working with Abbie at Keller Williams Realty

Nikki Smith

“Abbie is an exceptional agent. She is detail oriented and extremely efficient. Her positive attitude makes working with her throughout a transaction a pleasure."

Nikki Smith , Paralegal , Ferguson McManamy
was with another company when working with Abbie at Keller Williams Realty

Clark Wilson

“Abbie has a deep understanding of the Atlanta real estate market. She does her research not just on personal preferences, but also on market trends and current financial situations. Abbie provides frequent newsletters discussing the state of the real estate market that allow me to gain a solid understanding of what I will face in purchasing a home. I have recommended her to friends and will continue to do so.”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

Clark A.D. Wilson
hired Abbie as a Real Estate Agent in 2008

Adam Weart

“Abbie helped my wife and I find the perfect house. It was the first time that either of us had purchased a home and she walked us through the process, taking great care to show us the ropes. She was extremely patient with us and made sure we were comfortable all the way through the closing. Abbie still keeps in touch with us and we are very glad that we used her services to purchase our first home!” 

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , On Time

Adam Weart
hired Abbie as a Real Estate Agent in 2007

John Eder

“I am always amazed by Abbie. Abbie, you are a take charge person about not just yourself but it shows in everything around you. It is very refreshing to see and feel your positive energy through out the office. I have always been impressed on your ability to multi task and still give that high level of one on one service which is so desperately needed in todays world. Many talk about being able to do it but everyday you show it and demonstrate it to the highest degree of execution. I am vewry proud to be associated with you and would not hesitate to refer business to you. I know that they would be very well cared for and satisfied with your services. John Eder”

John Eder , Realtor , Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta
worked directly with Abbie at Keller Williams Realty

Ray Thatch

“I met Abbie through the Atlanta Jaycees & hired her for my home search last Fall 2008. She is truly one of the most pleasant, knowledgeable agents I have worked with & showed much patience during my home search. I would highly recommend her & definitely hire her again.” March 12, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Ray Thatch
hired Abbie as a Real Estate Agent in 2008

David and Lauren Orisini

     "Our experience with Abbie was nothing short of excellent.  She exceeded our expectations in all areas of service.  She was able to sell our town home quickly in the face of a couple interesting obstacles.   
     One weekend we were out and about looking at new neighborhoods when we stumbled upon our dream home.  Having just bought our town home in Liberty Park less that two years ago, we realized this was probably not the wisest idea; but we had fallen in love.  So we put an offer on the place that weekend.  
     Now our challenge became to sell our 2 year old town home, in a depressed market, competing against new town homes of the same layout, design, and style as our own.  The developer had about 200 left to sell and was offering plenty of healthy incentives to purchase.   
     We knew Abbie is aggressive and has a great network of both agents and clients.  We hired her as our Realtor.  She worked with us on price and spent some time helping us with the organization and decoration of our home.   
     Our next challenge came two days following the listing of our home on the open market.  There was a fire next door that charred the front deck and became a terrible eye sore.  We worried that we would be known as the 'house with the fire'.   
     Abbie worked with us to come up with a plan to minimize the effect this disaster would have to potential Buyers.  Once the fire damage was addressed, we went back to a full scale marketing strategy.  In less than 60 days, we were under contract with a near full price offer.  Abbie guided us through the remainder of the transaction and the closing went well.  We were able to make that dream home a reality.   
     With Abbie's help, we became the first home to resell in our neighborhood.  We were able to move into our new home ahead of schedule.  our old friends from Liberty Park have some great new neighbors.  We recommend her services to any future clients."

Travis & Lisa Schmid

     "We write to describe the exceptional experience we recently had with a Realtor.  Her name is Abbie Sickle of Keller Williams Realty.
     I met Abbie when she came to tour my home.  At the time, I was trying to sell on my own.  This was proved extremely difficult in a condominium/town home community, and especially difficult in the current Buyer's market.  In fact, at that time there had not been a town home like mine that had sold in over a year and a half.   I had my doubts.
     But Abbie came through; helping us, not only to get an offer; but guiding us through the actual sale of the home, from contract to closing.   She devised a plan, brought a Buyer, had a team assist us through the process, and made it happen for my new wife and me.  If you are thinking about selling your home, give her a call."

Elizabeth Dumas

     "My name is Elizabeth, I'm a new homeowner.  I first met Abbie Sickle at Jasmine @ Sandy Springs Apartments complex gym.  She saw that I was watching a remodeling show, and asked if I'm looking to buy.  That was in October of 2006.  In March 2007 we closed with my first property.  Abbie was very knowledgeable about the homebuying process.  She worked with me through my doubtful time.  She's very understanding, caring, and compassionate.  At times, I was unsure about the process and she was there to reassure me that things would fall in their place.  I had a great and very positive experience with Abbie Sickle.  I would love to refer friends and family.  She is a great friend!"

Jim Miller

     "I can testify to the services provided by Abbie Sickle.  She sold my condominium in Brandon Mill Farms in only a few months time.  Best of all, I got my asking price.
     As you may be aware, the condominium market in Atlanta is extremely slow.  When I listed with Abbie, there were over a hundred homes for sale within a onemile radius of my condo that were of similar style, price, age, and quality.  I worried that I might be forced to continue renting the home and wait for the market to turn around.
     However, I knew Abbie was very aggressive and had a great network here in Atlanta.  I decided to give it a shot.  I'm glad I did.  Not only did she find a buyer, she handled the entire transaction with attention and expertise.
     I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to sell their home."

John Norton

     " I recently sold my home on 638 Yorkshire.  I purchased my home in 1965.  I had to take out three mortgages to buy that property at $18,000.   Since then, I’ve bought and sold countless homes, as both an agent and a homeowner.  I took me a few years to make the decision to finally sell this one; as you can imagine, I have a personal attachment.  However, the drive from Buchanan to Atlanta was getting more troublesome each trip and I was ready for a change. 
     One afternoon, Abbie approached me offering to help me sell my home.  We sat down for an initial consultation and discussed a pricing and marketing strategy.  She listened to my concerns and my goals and made suggestions accordingly.  I remember Abbie kept saying, “I will sell this house, I can sell this house” – I knew immediately, she was the agent for me. 
     Having been a realtor for many years, I know the advantages of having a great agent; and I know a “go-getter” when I see one.  She was committed to selling this house, and determined to get us the best possible deal.   She did just that.  We were under contract in four days!  After much negotiation, Abbie was able to get us our asking price with no additional expenses, closing costs, or allowances.  
     I’m sharing my experience with you because choosing an agent who will represent     you in the sale of your home is an important decision.  Choosing the wrong one can be exhausting and futile.  If you are looking to sell your home, Abbie works in our area and knows the market.  Feel free to call her at (404) 275-5561 to see how she can be of assistance.  Tell her that you were referred by John Norton.  She’ll take good care of you.  If you have any further questions, I can be reached at (770) 301-6930."

Steve Kilpatrick

     "I listed my home with Abbie Sickle of Keller Williams Realty this past Winter.  On my initial interview she was both thorough in price analysis and specific in her recommendation.  Abbie prepared my home for a prompt sale at what I believe was its maximum value.  By following Abbie's suggestions, I frequently received positive feedback from prospective buyers after they viewed my home.
     As many of you may know, we face some competition here at the Spire.  Abbie and I worked together to get my home under contract in 49 days with 104% Sales Price to List Price Ratio.  After working with 2 prospective buyers simultaneously, I received two offers on the same day; one being an offer greater than my asking price..
     I would strongly recommend Abbie Sickle as an agent.  Not only is she knowledgable and proficient, she is always personable."

Kamden Robb

Abbie is an exceptional real estate agent. She helped my wife and I find our first home in Midtown Atlanta. She patiently walked us through the entire process, keeping us informed whenever a property became available that fit our criteria. When we finally found our home, Abbie negotiated with the seller to make sure that we received a fair price relative to the market. We were very impressed with the level of service that Abbie provided to us. When it comes time for us to sell in a few years, we will once again use Abbie's services. We believe that she is one of the best real estate agents in Atlanta!” 

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Kamden Robb
hired Abbie as a Real Estate Agent in 2008

Ed Tooker

“I met Abbie at an Open House here at the property I currently live at, Cheshire Place, about 1.5 years ago. Immediately I hit it off with Abbie on a professional as well as a personal level. She has an energy that I rarely see in other Realtors. Since then I joined her company Keller Williams Intown which had a lot to do with her success and others that surround her. She is truly top of her game in the Real Estate arena and look forward to doing LOTS of deals together!”

Edward Tooker, Jr. , REALTOR® - Atlanta Metro , Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta
worked with Abbie at Keller Williams Realty

Phil Minnes

“Abbie is one of the best connected realtors in Atlanta. She is a great networker and very generous with her introductions. I hired her to sell my investment property in Sandy Springs last summer. I gave her the keys Wednesday after lunch around 1pm. 9am Friday morning she called to say we had an offer for the full asking price. It was a quick, uneventful closing with no surprises and I could not have been more impressed. I would definitely trust Abbie to take care of selling any property, any time, in any market!”

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Phil Minnes
hired Abbie as a Real Estate Agent in 2008

Brian Annino

“Abbie Shepherd is an excellent realtor and I highly recommend her services. She assisted my wife and me in purchasing our first home and provided us personal attention and counsel that made the process very enjoyable. Abbie carefully selected each prospective property according to our preferences and discussed with us the pros and cons of each property. She is very knowledgeable about the communities and neighborhoods within the metro Atlanta market and pays close attention to the current market conditions. My wife and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Brian Annino
hired Abbie as a Real Estate Agent in 2007

DE Edmond

Abbie is great to work with because she is very knowledgeable of her products and services. She knows atlanta and she knows people. She has recommended my services as a property manager. And I would not have any problem returning the favor in recommending her services as a real estate agent. It is indeed a pleasure to know Abbie!”

Gabriel Charvat

When I met Abbie Shepherd I had already spoken to a dozen agents and was unsatisfied with them all.  Abbie stood out from the rest because she was able to think creatively and willing to listen with an open mind.  The next day she sent me a set of 10 listings that showed a clear understanding of what I wanted to do and included the home I purchased 5 weeks later.  Abbie was a strong advocate and guide during the negotiating process and the closing.  She went above the call of duty, consistently watched out for my interests and got the deal done under a tight time frame.  I  recommend her heartily and without reservation.

Maria Rosa

"We hired Abbie to assist us in buying an intown home. She had a home listed in Virginia Highland which we called her on. Her phone manner convinced me to meet her in person. She did a thorough job of searching and helping us find the best house for our current needs. As the buyer's agent she provided valuable guidance and was very responsive and available. We would not hesitate to recommend her--she is a cut above the 10+ real estate agents with whom we have worked on past transactions."

Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

R. Todd Roseberry

Abbie is one of the best real estate professionals that I have at my office of 120 agents. She is not only an excellent sales and marketing consultant, she is also a giving person and team player.”

R. Todd Roseberry
Team Leader & CEO
Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta

Richard Kallabat

"Abbie has always been a pleasure to work with. She pays great attention to detail and has excellent client servicing skills. I will continue to work with Abbie any chance I get. She is a sweet, kind hearted person, but also very competitive and determined to be the best."

Julianne Burtin

FIVE DAYS!!!…that’s how long it took Abbie Shepherd to get my house under contract. I knew this was a tough market in which to sell. I had already listed my home with two other “big name” agents and had no luck. I have bought and sold many homes and I have never worked with anyone as thorough.
The research that Abbie did on the front end to ensure we were pricing correctly was brilliant. She worked for 4 weeks preparing the house and planning the marketing concepts so that we could ensure a quick sale. She brought out half a dozen designers and contractors to collaborate on home improvements that would bring about the biggest impact at the least amount of cost to me. Then she did all the work: getting bids and overseeing the work while keeping the contractors on schedule. After that, she had a professional decorator furnish and stage the home. She did a tremendous amount of work, and the end result was fabulous! Due to her extensive marketing, we got a dozen showings in the first week and an offer in just three days! Most importantly, she was able to negotiate the contract to 97% of the list price!
Abbie was very responsive from my initial call and were truly dedicated to helping me sell my home. Her knowledge, professionalism, and tremendous work ethic accomplished what I feared to be an impossibility in this difficult real estate market. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell.   Her number is 404-275-5561 if you want to call her directly. 

Julianne Burtin
Client & Garden Hills Neighbor

Griffin Rogers

"We had our house on the market for over a year BEFORE Abbie came into the picture and within two months our house was sold. She was able to quickly identify the issues we were faced with and provide solutions that helped move the house. Her availability and response time was a great attribute since we were now living on the west coast. We would highly recommend Abbie to anyone interested in the housing market throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area."


We hired Abbie to sell our condo in 2007 and again in 2009 to help us find a house in the 'burbs.  She did a superb job on both accounts as were able to close on the condo prior to the bottom falling out the market.  We could not have done it without her enthusiastic, "go getter" attitude.  In 2009, during the course of a 5 month run at house-hunting, she was extremely patient with us and worked a great deal for a house we never thought we would be able to afford." 

Service Category: Real Estate Agent

Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)

 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


We found Abbie based on a recommendation by some close friends. In 2007 she helped us buy our first home. Even though our budget only allowed for lower priced homes way outside of the perimeter, she treated us as if we were her top clients. She was always quick on the return phone calls and e-mails and was happy to meet us anywhere that was convenient for us.

Abbie's passion for the industry is unmatched. She lives and breathes real estate and loves every minute of it, as shown in her high energy personality and consummate professionalism. She made buying a home an easy, relatively stress-free venture and still follows up with us today, more than two years later. She was such a pleasure to work with, and we will be using her expertise for years to come."
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Courtney Cable

We hired Abbie to sell our condo in 2007 and again in 2009 to help us find a house in the 'burbs. She did a superb job on both accounts as were able to close on the condo prior to the bottom falling out the market. We could not have done it without her enthusiastic, "go getter" attitude. In 2009, during the course of a 5 month run at house-hunting, she was extremely patient with us and worked a great deal for a house we never thought we would be able to afford." 
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Angelika Taylor

Abbie Shepherd is the most hard working realtor out there. She is passionate about her career and is dedicated to her clients. We have known Abbie for over 3 years. She waited patiently for a year on us til we found our dream home in Virginia Highlands. We now have Abbie as the listing agent selling our Condo in Midtown. She is honest, up front and always on our side. Abbie knows the market like the back of her hand and it shows. I highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling!

Angelika Taylor via Zillow


Abbie was great- she listened to me, gave me constructive feedback and actually showed me and did what I wanted and asked for. Excellent experience. Also, it helps that she's genuinely nice, makes the whole process more enjoyable. I was very specific about what I was looking for and in what area so she was most helpful in knowing the inventory and knowing what those pockets of the market were doing. 

I closed in three weeks (so easy) and the lawyer she put me in touch with was fantastic as well. I also worked with one of Abbie's staff while she was out with other clents, so I always had an email/voicemail/phone call response quickly.

Happy house hunting- Abbie's great!

Katherine via Zillow


I have worked with several agents over the years and I can say without a doubt that Abbie Shepard is a fantastic agent. I listed my townhome with two different agents in the past and not one was able to bring me an offer after a lengthy period of time on the market. Finally, I relisted my place with Abbie and she brought me a good offer within 5 days and we closed in 45 days. Abbie is inventive and can think outside the box to come up with a strategy that will sell your place. She not only can assess the market well but she understands what the prospective buyers are looking for in the property. Abbie also works hard to present your property in the most flattering light by highlighting its best features in the photographs which is important to stimulate interest in the listing. The property showed beautifully under Abbie's marketing direction. Abbie more than exceeded my expectations and I highly would recommend her on both the buy and sell side. Thanks to Abbie we were able to sell my town home in this market so we could get our family into a house! We are so grateful!

Jennifer via Zillow

Mark Morgan

We bought our current home from Abbie over two years ago. We were renting a home that she found for us when we moved to Atlanta, and I had been getting email alerts from her for about a year. She emailed an alert about our current home about an hour after it went active on the MLS. It looked like it was exactly what we wanted, but it was on a lake to boot. I immediately went to see it, called my wife out to see it as well, and called Abbie to get things going. The home had gone on the market around four PM, and Abbie had our offer submitted by around 7pm. After helping us navigate what became a multi buyer bidding situation, we got the home.

Abbie is a very busy agent, but she did her job very well and made our deal happen. She's always around for help and advice and we greatly appreciate her.

Mark Morgan via Zillow


Abbie helped us to sell our home quickly. She is detailed and listens to the requirements of her clients - and is helpful when requirements are conflicting (such as desired price v. time to sell). Our house was able to sell quickly, and for a price we were happy with. I absolutely recommend Abbie to my friends who are looking for a smart, ethical, and results-oriented realtor.

Jason via Zillow


 This was my first home buying experience, and I have to honestly say, from the first phone call up until the day I signed the final paperwork it was really the most enjoyable experience I could have had. Abbie, was pleasant, & attentive, she guided me thru the event effortlessly. She listened to my wants and needs and ultimately landed me my amazing new condo. I still stay in touch with her and it's been almost two years now, I sing her praises every time I get the opportunity and would most definitely call on her again if I ever decide to buy another home.

Jody via Zillow


 I was a first time homebuyer excited and scared of purchasing a home. Abbie guided me through the whole process answering any questions I had and putting my fears to rest. I could not have asked for a better realtor. I will definitely use her again in the future when it is time to shop for a bigger home.

Tenia via Zillow


 Abbie was very helpful in our relocation to Georgia from Massachusetts. She was quickly able to understand what we were looking for and guided us through the maze of buying our home. Responsive and knowledgeable, she assisted us in avoiding some pitfalls and her comments and suggestions were timely and informative. Abbie is an excellent negotiator and helped us from the beginning to the end of the process. We cannot recomment her enough!

Denise via Zillow


 Abbie was fantastic when it came to closing on our home. We were able to negotiate to have many things fixed prior to moving in and it was great! She knows a lot of great inspectors, insurance agents, and contractors, which also helps the process move smoothly.

Laura via Zillow


 Abbie and her team were a pleasure to work with, and were professional, friendly and knowledgeable about the entire process. I would highly recommend Abbie to another potential client.

Wendy via Zillow


 An Amazing Agent with an Amazing Team. We thought buying a home would be the easy part. Three houses later, we closed on our new home and couldn't be happier. Without their patience, expertise and negotiations, we would not be in our home today. Thank you!

Connie via Zillow